Money Maker Deluxe

Money Maker Deluxe is the  founding project of Firebrush. It is inspired by the great crash of  2008 and the subsequent trillion dollar bailouts. Where did those trillion dollars come from? Who just happened to have a trillion dollars saved up under his mattress? Or was the money borrowed into existence? Can I borrow a trillion dollars into existence? How does this thing we call “money” work anyway? How is money created?

To answer these questions in an interesting way, we start to play the game of money in a simpler day and age. The player starts out as the goldsmith of a small medieval town, with a vault full of gold coin that he can lend out to entrepreneurial NPC’s. He does not lend out the gold itself, but IOU’s written on paper called banknotes. Meanwhile the gold stays safely in the vault.

Pretty soon the player will find out that he can lend out more banknotes than he has gold in the vault. Thus earning himself a nice profit. In doing so, the player invents by himself Fractional Reserve Banking, the foundation of modern banking. As the player keeps lending out more IOU’s than he can back up with gold, he can bend the rules of the game in his advantage. Playing this way, he will invent fiat money, bailouts and hyperinflation, until his medieval goldsmith’s vault comes to resemble our modern banking system. But the player can also choose to embark on a different route, and see if it is possible to create a more sustainable banking system.

While Money Maker Deluxe is in the design phase, its alpha versions are a closely guarded secret. But if you are interested in the subject, care about teaching the masses about currency, gold, and economics in a radical new way, we would love to hear from you. And perhaps, who knows… we ll even show you our little secret alpha versions. So exciting!

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